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TOPIC: What are some of the best "most natural" looking r

What are some of the best "most natural" looking r 1 week 2 days ago #1

I've never been sold on reshade. While there are several games out there that get an amazing facelift with an ENB, the Reshade presets I've tried just, never looked quite right. Often games were too saturated, or didn't look right in all lighting conditions/environments, just something that lessened the impact of the games' original art style.

I've been looking at Reshade presets for Red Dead Redemption 2, in particular, recently, and for every one I've seen on the nexus, I always think the vanilla RDR2 just looks more natural. (Although I'm under the impression that this game's graphics don't need much improving, unlike GTA V and numerous other current gen games before it, but that's unrelated)solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/

The question I just want to ask is, what are the best looking reshade presets for any game that enhance the experience, but don't go too cartoony or unnatrual in terms of colors, and work in all, or almost all, of the game's environments? Perhaps I've just been looking at the wrong ones.

Standard RGB monitor user here, no ray tracing or HDR.
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What are some of the best "most natural" looking r 1 week 2 days ago #2

Look up tables or LUT's are probably a good start but many modern games especially around 2013 and later with the introduction of physically based rendering and additional shaders and layers of tone mapping, post-processing and color correction adjustments would be pretty tricky to dial in especially considering factors such as open world games and a multitude of different weather conditions and time of day affecting lighting going from a more red tinted to blue tinted color trying to simplify the day to night progression plus the overall changes to brightness.

There's some really impressive footage from Red Dead Redemption 2 and the game is probably one of the most natural looking games available short of going with ray traced global illumination (Where Metro Exodus has a advantage.) but many of the screenshots would have been using high amounts of super sampling to reduce aliasing and counter temporal ghosting and issues with the games own temporal anti-aliasing solution and in addition this often uses a free camera utility generally with a time stop functionality so the end result is a setup for a single frame adding in ReShade alternatively Freestyle shaders for various enhancements.

User hardware also plays at least somewhat of a role, calibrated monitor with a higher even if not full HDR brightness capability would mean a preset trying to make things "pop" a bit could look like it's crushing the black levels or white levels being overblown plus overall RGB saturation and how that looks.

Still even so there's probably a good number of presets available on the various mod sites for the game even if the preset server for ReShade itself is having some difficulties. :)

Nexus for example.

Or the Red Dead Redemption 2 mods page similar to the GTA 5 mods page.

Haven't picked up the game itself though, seen plenty of shots via the Meta Council screenshot topic which were really impressive and even "regular" gameplay shots HUD elements and all presents a quite realistic looking game and a clear upgrade over GTA 5 so it's going to be fun to see what Rockstar can do with the newer console hardware and I presume GTA 6 next up if not something new.
(Well there's that and then there's the year or so long wait for the PC release afterwards, doubt that's going to change.)

EDIT: Meta Council would be this.

No idea if Duncan for Dead End Thrills have been working with Red Dead 2 but that's a bit advanced often employing some special work tampering with the engine and what not beyond just supersampling (Or downsampling in various ways.) and ReShade presets.
(Pushing the LOD distance out to where the games almost become unstable and taking over some of the render or post-process steps to control effects more directly or what to call it as seen with Assassin's Creed Origins and Odyssey and other gallery titles on DeadEndThrills and the Twitter account.)

EDIT: And as can be seen from many of the images the game has a variety of weather and color patterns and what not, fog for example can be tricky with depth effects but for adjusting the gamma and brightness and maybe using a LUT and other tone adjustments for Red, Green, Blue values (Levels or Levels Plus shader.) it could still work well.

Modding pages for the game looks like they have quite a few presets as well so taking one of these and trying it out could be good enough without going into and tinkering with settings and customizing it further.

I personally find sharpening to be a bit overdone in several presets but can't really deny it has some effect particularly now with temporal anti aliasing used frequently but also for performance so ghosting and blurring is a factor though it can't be mitigated entirely it can be improved a little. :)
(Still just adding shaders on top of the existing image after all which is what ReShade does, that's not bad or anything but it has some limits as a result.)
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