ReShade's unreasonable, excessive use of %APPDATA% TEMP folder

3 months 1 week ago #1 by AdamBeckett
I can find nothing about this in the official FAQ nor forums.

I can understand the reason of a temp file. I assume these files are for keeping some user manipulated settings.

No other software application in the last 40+ years of my WinDOS experience is writing that many files in a user's temp folder - and keeping it there!

Why not instead just putting all that data inside ONE file, or - even better - keep it in SYSTEM MEMORY and at the end of a session DUMP (write) it into a file - on the drive - and keep it in the ReShade folder?

What is the reasoning of this behavior? IS THERE a 'reason' behind this? Or, is it just sloppy/lazy coding? Can anyone share some insight? What am I missing?


[ ... and 'yes'. I too think ReShade is amazing. That is why this baffles me even more.]


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3 months 1 week ago #2 by lordbean
They're cached compiled shaders. The existence of those files is why ReShade can toggle between setup and performance mode without causing a hitch (apart from the first time), so no, it isn't sloppy or lazy coding. If the cached shaders really bother you, just go to the settings tab and click Clear effect cache once in a while. Of course, that'll cause it to hitch a bunch as it rebuilds the cache...
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