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  • Nizi
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29 Jan 2022 12:54
Reshade not working was created by Nizi

Reshade not working

Category: Troubleshooting

When I start GTA then no error message comes all good but when I try to open Reshade with POS1 it does not work in the files times everything is installed but there was a text file in the stand "If you are reading this after launching the game at least once, it likely means ReShade was not loaded by the game."
  • Nightnoon
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23 Jan 2022 07:30
Replied by Nightnoon on topic Reshade not loading Menu

Reshade not loading Menu

Category: Troubleshooting

Hello. i have this problem too. I've been trying to install Reshade for the third day already .. I even did a Windows restore to factory settings, but nothing. It seems that the Reshade installer somehow does not work correctly (select a game or application - no program is displayed in this menu + the installer installs the selected shaders and textures very quickly), although I remember how it was installed differently before - I had to click on the checkboxes confirmation several more times during the installation process. I want to try to install with an injector, but I don’t understand how to do it for The sims 4, maybe there is a video ..? I also tried the second method, but it didn't work. Help me please. Here is the link to my question
  • Nightnoon
  • Nightnoon's Avatar
22 Jan 2022 14:37
Doesn't work in The sims 4 was created by Nightnoon

Doesn't work in The sims 4

Category: Troubleshooting

Hello. I had Reshade installed, and it worked fine (version 4.91, but foolishly deleted it) - through the Reshade installer itself + I checked in the folder if there were any files left from it, like I deleted everything. I immediately tried to install it again, but when the game is loaded, Reshade does not start ((. What I just haven’t done already, I’ve been trying to install it for 2 days, but it doesn’t work. Please help.
This is the folder with Reshade already installed.
File Attachment:

This is the folder view with ReShade removed
File Attachment:

In the folder with the game there is still a file with this content(d3d9.log) 
    ""If you are reading this after launching the game at least once, it likely means ReShade was not loaded by the game.

In that event here are some steps you can try to resolve this:

1) Make sure this file and the related DLL are really in the same directory as the game executable.
   If that is the case and it does not work regardless, check if there is a 'bin' directory, move them there and try again.

2) Try running the game with elevated user permissions by doing a right click on its executable and choosing 'Run as administrator'.

3) If the game crashes, try disabling all game overlays (like Origin), recording software (like Fraps), FPS displaying software,
   GPU overclocking and tweaking software and other proxy DLLs (like ENB, Helix or Umod).

4) If none of the above helps, you can get support on the forums at But search for your problem before
   creating a new topic, as somebody else may have already found a solution.""

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