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  • ColbyDash
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27 Nov 2019 08:43 - 27 Nov 2019 08:56
The Sims 4 doesn’t launch was created by ColbyDash

The Sims 4 doesn’t launch

Category: Troubleshooting


I’m having an issue with The Sims 4 not launching hence the topic’s title. Whenever I launch it with Reshade (or just a d3d9.dll in my bin folder from a discovery with NinjaRipper), it seems to not get pass the activationui.exe and hangs there until I end it’s process in Task Manager. It worked on my laptop but now on my PC, it doesn’t seem to work at all. I’m also having a similar issue with 2 other games (from the same franchise) too but this will be one of the topics I’ll make as I don’t want to confuse anyone and stay on topic with the current game we’re trying to resolve. I’ll post a link when I make it. Anyways, I don’t know why it all of a sudden giving me issues. First I had an issue I recently solved regarding my mods, now this. I also couldn’t find anything online about this other than two other people who said they resolved their issues. One did share (and did not work for me in my case) and the other didn’t. Someone please help me as I’m clueless about what I should do next.

Sincerely, Colby. :)

P.S Here’s the link to the other topic I’ve mentioned a little earlier about those two games I said I have similar issues with:
  • UniversalDragon
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22 Nov 2019 20:35
The Sims 4 Reshade Errors was created by UniversalDragon

The Sims 4 Reshade Errors

Category: Troubleshooting

Hey, so for many several long months,
I have been attempting to use ReShade properly to get the deep shadows and the right smooth bloom effect in my game.
But for real unknown reasons, I could never achieve that look. I don't know why, or how my pc or game is having this issue,
for so long after trying so many different things. I get two errors, i'll type how it sort of looks-the main parts of these two errors,
does anyone know how I can get them to work as they should be working please?

\magicbloom.fx(90, 34): error X3082: int or insigned int type required
2nd error:
\PPFX_SSDO.fx(1, 1): error X3000: syntax error: unexpected 'unknown'

If you require any other kind of clue let me know. Thank you!
  • amoebae
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28 Oct 2019 14:59
Replied by amoebae on topic Reshade doesn't work in sims 4

Reshade doesn't work in sims 4

Category: Troubleshooting

Turn off DoF.
  • EternalBond
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19 Oct 2019 11:08
Reshade doesn't work in sims 4 was created by EternalBond

Reshade doesn't work in sims 4

Category: Troubleshooting anyone knows a way to solve this?
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