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Today 16:31
Hey all. I use reshade on all my games but I cannot get it work for DAI. I've downloaded the most recent version of reshade, where it searches for your games exe, and it doesn't even find the DAI exe. I've tried installing the DX9, DX10/11/12 and OpenGL versions of reshade (and making sure to uninstall each version before installing another) but the menu in the top left, where you press HOME for a drop menu, just won't show up. The DAI exe that I'm using is the one that's in the main directory,...
Category: Troubleshooting
14 Jan 2020 01:06
So a friend recommended ReShade for enhancing the visual gaming experience, I used ReShade 4.5.2 on Bioshock Remastered only to find out that Action! screen recorder will not work with ReShade, I uninstalled ReShade and now Action! will not record video when I play Bioshock Remastered, I get a black screen with audio. At first I thought it was because I updated Action, but after trying to record other games it perfectly fine. I tried a couple other screen recorders and they also are not working....
Category: Troubleshooting
13 Jan 2020 03:12
I have huge Framedrops in TOB from 60 to 30 drops and i dont know, what causing this issue. It doesn't matter which preset i choose, the Framerate always tanks in the 30's

The weird thing is, ReShade works perfectly fine without any issue in The New Order and some other Games i've tested so far (Stalker: SOC and Euro Truck Simulator 2). Its just TOB that runs, for some strange reason, like crap with activated Reshade

Here is a Screenshot

My Rig...
Category: Troubleshooting
12 Jan 2020 23:01
I've been trying to run ReShade with Star Wars: The Old Republic, and have found that despite following the instructions, tutorials and troubleshooting I could find ReShade does absolutely nothing. I don't have any overlays running or anything else modifying the game, and I've triple checked that everything has been installed in the correct locations and with the correct settings. Installation seems to work perfectly, with no errors and all the files appearing in their proper place. No pop-up...
Category: Troubleshooting
12 Jan 2020 03:31
Hello all.

So i'm new to ReShade. Just installed and applied it to many Steam games all day so far. It works flawlessly on Batman Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight, Ace Combat 7, Transformers WFC, etc.

But for some reason, i'm having bad luck with EA/Origins games atm.. here's my 3 experiences so far...

1. NFS Hot Pursuit is completely unplayable and crashes when launch. I've applied reshade through its exe files, selected DX9, reshade says it works successfully, started the game, and crashes....
Category: Troubleshooting
07 Jan 2020 18:38
The setup tool specifically tells you that enabling the global option will enable ReShade for ALL Vulkan games (which RDR2 is, no matter which API is actually active). To uninstall, simply uncheck that checkbox again.
Category: Troubleshooting
07 Jan 2020 10:34
I found the solution . Delete a file named Reshade in C://Program Data/
Category: Troubleshooting
07 Jan 2020 10:28
I installed Reshade for need for speed heat and when I delete Reshade from nfs heat I still see it in rdr2 and I never install it in it first the game won't start up but when I changed the API from vulkan to DX12 the game start and shows the Reshade I want to delete it but AI don't know how rdr2 file does not have any Reshade file in it and I reinstalled the exe of rdr2 and other files but it's still there .
Category: Troubleshooting
03 Jan 2020 13:18
Oh, maybe you are deleting the Reshade folder, without also deleting D3D11.dll You can see it with Preview file Contents here www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/3/?tab=files

That .dll is the one that "injects" Reshade into the game, so if your newer preset was a diff version, like 3.4, it needed a different .dll and shaders

Not sure if you are still getting that memory error. Maybe was related to this...
Category: Discussion
03 Jan 2020 10:30
Hello everyone,,
So i installed a reshade for dark souls 3 (lexar's) and i tried to install another preset, but it broke my game and creates a memory error and terminates my game. i tried deleting all the files i pasted in the dark souls directory (where the darksouls3.exe is) and repasting reshade and the mod back and it doesnt work. when all the files are deleted it still displays the reshade message in the top corner and doesnt go away. any feedback or help is much appreciated. showbox.bio/ ...
Category: Discussion
01 Jan 2020 17:49
I also find the startup message to be extremely annoying, frustrating and badgering. I'm almost to the point now of uninstalling reshade because of this. Is there any way to disable this message? If this option does not exist, please seriously consider allowing us to bypass it after the first time.

Respectfully yours
Category: Troubleshooting
31 Dec 2019 14:56
RDR 2 insta crash even without shaders in the install folder. Both global and Local install don't work. I posted two of my logs for each method and I noticed on one it tries to hook into something in Social Club and it that's where it crashes. 4.5.1 or 4.5.2 don't work for me at all. DX12 on my card causes Texture corruption in RDR2.

RX 5700 XT Gigabyte Reference card | Drivers: 19.12.3
i7 2600 4.2Ghz CPU
Win10 Pro 1909 Build: 18363.535

Log: This is without anything else install. Just global...
Category: Releases
31 Dec 2019 14:50
It turns out that my computer isn't strong enough for reshading TS4 and I wanna get rid of the reshader, but I can't and now my game is keep glitching, lagging and froze all the time and it's super annoying. Can someone please help how to uninstall this application?
Category: Troubleshooting
28 Dec 2019 09:45
See if you have one of these directories: C:\ProgramData\ReShade\ or C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\ReShade\ (where <user> is your Windows user name)
If so, delete the ReShade folder and it should be fine.
Category: Troubleshooting
27 Dec 2019 20:20

So i wanted to install reshade for Dragon Age: Inuiqisition. When i installed i wanted to play some RDR II , but when i started the game i get the reshade text in the upper left corner. I uninstalled reshade from my DAI en started RDR II but it was still there. Tried reinstalling the game, still there. Deleted the entire RDR folder, still there. Tried installing Reshade on my RDR II and then deleting it and it's still there.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance! :)

edit: there are also no...
Category: Troubleshooting
27 Dec 2019 14:38
27 Dec 2019 12:04
Search in Windows Explorer for reshade, then you know the directory/directories where ReShade was used and can use that info for uninstall with Reshade.exe
Category: Troubleshooting
26 Dec 2019 13:47

i would like to uninstall Reshade: I don't remember for which game I installed it...but I want to uninstall it. How can I do this? I don't find the installation folder...

thank you!
Category: Troubleshooting
26 Dec 2019 00:21
Crimsongz wrote:
Hello everyone ! I have a huge problem with Vulkan games (Doom and red Dead Redemption 2) I tried using reshade 4.5.2 on both game but i get weird artefact making the game unplayable as i can't see anything ! I tried uninstalling reshade but still get these weird artefact. The weird thing is i don't have a reshade folder in the Local folder. What can i do ?

The only thing that can work for you afaik is you have to remove them and reinstall them completely. I know that sucks.
Category: Releases
25 Dec 2019 23:39
I have tried getting Vulken to work with RDR2 with 4.5.2 and get insta crash. I made sure all files are removed from game folder and it doesn't even run reshade or load reshade when booting up game. I own Rockstar version of RDR2. Not Epic's or Steam's.

I own RX 5700 XT and latest drivers as well. I think the Global Vulken has issues with Rockstars RockstarSteamHelper.exe file where its the only thing that gets injected and crashes instantly.

Log: This is without anything else install. Just...
Category: Releases
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