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Yesterday 09:32

My question: how can I completely remove the reshade form Spintires Mudrunner game?


I followed these steps:

The Reshade still exist and VERY ANNOYING!!
The game is laggy ..... before reshade 100+ fps, after reshade 50-60 fps.... pfffffff
Category: Troubleshooting
13 May 2019 11:29
After working with ReShade 3.4.1, KOTOR I & II (OpenGL 1.4) stopped working for me on ReShade 4.0.0 and above. For ReShade 4 versions before 4.2.0, it crashes with something like
07:04:26:137 [10192] | INFO  | Redirecting 'wglCreateContext(005F0378)' ...
07:04:26:137 [10192] | INFO  | > Passing on to 'wglCreateLayerContext' ...
07:04:26:137 [10192] | INFO  | Redirecting 'wglCreateLayerContext(005F0378, 0)' ...
07:04:26:137 [10192] | WARN  | > 'wglCreateLayerContext' failed with error code 6!...
Category: Troubleshooting
12 May 2019 22:22
how do you uninstall roblox shaders :( need help plssssssssss
Category: Troubleshooting
04 May 2019 01:40
Using ReShade version 4.0.2 (cause its whitelisted with the EAC for the game) with the sanctioned realm works great, but crashes on the modded realm during launch. The difference is that the sanctioned realm has EAC and the modded realm allows any mods from the steam workshop.

What Ive tried:
  • Several versions of reshade from 3.1 to 4.X
  • Disabling anti-virus
  • Renaming dxgi files to d3d11
  • Verified im using dx11 and not dx12
  • Disabling all mods in the launcher
The error from the log below is
| ERROR |...
Category: Troubleshooting
27 Apr 2019 20:52
SO I installed reshade for xplane and I fist clicked 3D and then uninstalled and then reinstalled the openGL and now when my xplane loads it loads on my main screen but when I click on a button it opens it on my second monitor and when I click on the window on my second monitor it flips back to the main monitor and so on and so on. What has reshade done to my Xplane? This was not happening until I installed reshade. How can I get this fixed so I can fly xplane again?
Category: Troubleshooting
24 Apr 2019 09:04
So I install ReShade for FSX and when I got into the game there was a water mark(I don't know what is called actually but anyways) which tells me to start the tutorial. And when I do start the tutorial I cannot press continue for some reason. This is super annoying and if anyone can help (even if it means to uninstall it cos I don't know where to find the file) it would be extremely helpful.
Thanks, PilotTom25
Category: Troubleshooting
23 Apr 2019 09:52
This game really needs scanline shaders. Reshade does hook, but the overlay doesn't come up, and this is all that's in the log:

12:35:31:790 [08152] | INFO  | Initializing crosire's ReShade version '' (32-bit) built on '2019-03-04 22:32:13' loaded from "C:\DATA\Games\Misc Games\Ecco PC v1.2 Complete\Ecco PC Fixed Edition\ECCOPC\dxgi.dll" to "C:\DATA\Games\Misc Games\Ecco PC v1.2 Complete\Ecco PC Fixed Edition\ECCOPC\ECCOWIN.EXE" ...
12:35:31:839 [08152] | INFO  | Registering hooks...
Category: Troubleshooting
20 Apr 2019 22:28
Btw Idk what happened after awhile it went away, just had to constantly reinstall and uninstall reshade a great many of times : /
Category: Troubleshooting
16 Apr 2019 21:15
I've just updated the Trinus test build (same link). I think it is now quite enjoyable. What's new
- better UX to manage the VR conversion (ReShade + presets) install/uninstall
- fixed some bugs with mouse conversion
- mask for Alien Isolation (and a few generic ones)

I still have to do the lens correction calibration. Did some tests but had trouble tuning, specially the chroma correction. Will test Fubax soon.
in any case, there's a custom preset editor option that makes it easy to plug any...
Category: Discussion
12 Apr 2019 12:25
Ok, so, i've been having this issue for quite some time, ever since i installed reshade to FFXIV.

More info here: www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/bbnhrp/t...nitor_scaling_issue/

At first, i didn't think it was ReShade, so i tried out all sorts of other solutions, to no avail (like fullscreen optimization, DPI settings etc etc.).
However, as soon as i uninstalled ReShade for FFXIV, the issue went away instantly and haven't resurfaced once.

I don't know what...
Category: Troubleshooting
11 Apr 2019 20:26
Hi guys, I think this is the best place to post about this. So, first:

I'm Xavier (known as loxai), developer of Trinus PSVR. I had reports for the last 2-3 years of users combining awesome ReShade (and awesome Depth3D) with Trinus.
Shader injection is certainly the most efficient way to get VR elements, like sbs and lens distortion, into non-VR games.
Trinus had been using a slow method (which I might upgrade for compatibility reasons), so now decided to integrate the better ReShade approach...
Category: Discussion
07 Apr 2019 14:12
You do not open the game with ReShade. You install ReShade with the setup tool and from then on out whenever you launch the game (doesn't matter how) ReShade will be applied up until you decide to uninstall it again.
Category: Discussion
31 Mar 2019 20:30
The exe is just a helper tool to install ReShade. What you do with it is irrelevant once you used it to install ReShade to a game. Move it, delete it, ... doesn't matter.
To update just use the new exe and install ReShade to the same game again. It will ask you whether you want to overwrite the existing installation, which you answer with yes and that's it.
Category: Troubleshooting
31 Mar 2019 19:49
Hey guys, so I have 5 games using an older version of reshade. The exe file is in my downloads folder. How do I remove the old reshade exe??? Do I just uninstall in control panel? Also, do I have to uninstall reshade from all games, delete exe, install new version, then re install the reshade? Or can I just delete the old exe and install the new reshade version and play right away?? What do I do? Much help needed for a noob hahaha :) thanks.

Also I'm absolutely in love with reshade so thank you...
Category: Troubleshooting
30 Mar 2019 21:31
just remove the dxgi.dll file
Category: Discussion
30 Mar 2019 00:43
I am aware that this may not be the right 'category' however, I'd rather not have annoyed moderator(s) by posting an uninstall request in somewhere that is potentially meant for bugs.
How would I uninstall ReShade without reinstalling the entirety of ac odyssey? I keep on removing ReShade from my files but it seems to bring itself back everytime. It's getting annoying. Any way to permanently get rid of it?
Category: Discussion
26 Mar 2019 00:39
26 Mar 2019 00:28
Even after going to Reshade setup, selecting GTA and pressing no and it saying its uninstalled when I launch GTA I still have it installed somehow. For the game im selecting GTA5.exe and launching through steam, this is beyond confusing me, thanks for the help. Edit: BTW im using Direct3D10+ Should I pick something else? EDIT AGAIN: I tried doing the same uninstall thing for all api's and it is still on my GTA
Category: Troubleshooting
25 Mar 2019 16:06
Update: I uninstalled ReShade using the latest version, and installed again, to no success.
I had to uninstall the whole game yesterday because of mods, but the old overlay is still there!
Category: Troubleshooting
25 Mar 2019 10:17
I have been trying to play the game from many days but still, I cannot play it due to some problem. Please help me to fix the problem or else I have to uninstall it.
Category: Troubleshooting
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