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19 Feb 2019 12:14
When installing a newer version over an already existing one, the installer should overwrite it and update automatically. If it messes up, I suggest you to uninstall it and then reinstall again.
Category: Troubleshooting
17 Feb 2019 00:49
Ok, try this: Uninstall reshade completely, then launch Starbound to make sure there no problem with the game.
Reinstall reshade with administrator rights (not sure it could help, but why not try) and check the effects you want to load.

If it keeps causing issues a screenshot might help. There are several ways to do those, like using steam, you GPU brand software or other third-part programs.
If you have the game on steam, just press F12. Alternatively, press Alt+F1 if you have Nvidia GPU or...
Category: Troubleshooting
14 Feb 2019 17:25
Since 4.0 you can just use the setup tool to uninstall it. Point it to the game you installed ReShade to and it will give you an option to uninstall.
Category: Discussion
14 Feb 2019 11:53
In the game's folder, remove ReShade's DLL. If you are not sure which one is, hover the mouse over and let the pop-up box tell you. Try hovering the mouse over those: DXGI, D3D9, D3D11 or Opengl.
Category: Discussion
14 Feb 2019 08:52
I want to ask how to uninstall reshade graphics mods ? I reinstalled the game but reshade is still here. Can someone help me ? Thanks :)
Category: Discussion
13 Feb 2019 22:39
I take it back, there is an error that appears in the log:
14:34:19:244 [06160] | ERROR | Failed to create depth stencil replacement resource view! HRESULT is '0x80070057'.

I'm also a bit confused because the log shows it using opengl32.dll in C:\Windows\System32 when it's a DX11 game (and 64-bit).
14:33:50:885 [00516] | INFO  | Installing delayed hooks for "C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\opengl32.dll" (Just loaded via 'LoadLibrary("GFSDK_TXAA.win64.dll")') ...

Full log (hidden in a spoiler...
Category: Releases
13 Feb 2019 03:58
It aint works by default? I have not played much with Reshade 4, i trited 1st release, it gave me shit load of compilation errors in other shader, i rage quit and uninstalled it and returned to 3 and posted some angry rant here explaining Crossire why breaking compatibility AGAIN is no way to go.

Damn, i got to look if it works with 4 now, and i also got to remember which of my games had the latest version of it, i got to update what i posted here, its not the latest one.
Category: Presentation
10 Feb 2019 00:20
Uncle Crassius wrote:
If you did a fresh installation you probably installed the latest shaders and when you returned to an older version it has trouble compiling them. Or, question: How exactly did you do a fresh installation? Did you delete both the dll and the Reshade-Shaders folder (or renamed them which also works)?

In first place I installed the new reshade, but when I entered in the game it still appeared that message saying that I needed to update so I said: weird... so i procedeed to check the files in the...
Category: Troubleshooting
05 Feb 2019 00:55
YoshiFtJ wrote:
I pulled this from the nexus. It fixed the problem for me.

* Rename dxgi.dll file to d3d11.dll and dxgi.ini file to d3d11.ini in Resident Evil 2 main folder.

Sadly doesn't work, when i install 4.1.1, after uninstalling the previous working version (3.1.2), i rename dxgi.dll in d3d11.dll but i don't have dxgi.ini yet, i launch the game and nothing, i see for a sec the reshade compiling the effects and then the game close itself. Yesterday i managed to get 4.1.1 working but i don't know how i...
Category: Troubleshooting
04 Feb 2019 14:07
Uncle Crassius wrote:
If you're missing the possibility to change lumasharpen strength it seems like you're still using shaders from an older version (or vice versa if you used a later version first and just changed the dll). Might explain the issues on startup as well. I'd delete the shaders folder and reinstall ReShade. Installing without deleting just leads to ReShade already finding existing shaders it seems without the option to replace them with newer ones.

I always uninstall first the previous version of...
Category: Troubleshooting
01 Feb 2019 19:49
I'm using ReShade version on my legit version of GTA V but the game doesn't start. It gives me "GTA V exited unexpectedly" instead. I should mention that I installed NaturalVision Mod at the same time, but I uninstalled it so the problem is here. I tried to uninstall ReShade but even after removing all the files the mod was still there.

Category: Troubleshooting
30 Jan 2019 04:33
This is solved.. it was my trial to Malwarebytes premium messing with Reshade. I had the installer file set to be excluded but i guess never excluded the actual files. I uninstalled it because the trial ended proceeded to get 27 steam game updates and my game works again.... needless to say i wont be subscribing to malwarebytes...
Category: Troubleshooting
29 Jan 2019 00:46
Thank you for the link. So if I completely uninstall reshade 4.1.1 and load my game it runs perfectly. Then I installed 4.02 which used to work perfect and i get continuous crashes to desktop. I also removed all traces of ENB and reshade verified files to make sure everything was back to stock and game ran perfectly. Put back in reshade and 4.02 and crashes to desktop. Will keep messing with it, I have to be missing something. This has always worked perfectly for me.
Category: Troubleshooting
24 Jan 2019 17:57
Sinclair wrote:
thalixte, regarding post #647 and the Gothic 3 screenshots -- are you able to run Gothic 3 with Reshade? When I try it (either with your new .dll or the one from the default install), my FPS tanks down into single digits, even without ANY effects enabled. If you're able to run it normally, what's your trick?

Sorry for the derail from the depth buffer topic -- the buffer detection DOES seem to work fine in Gothic for me with this .dll, it's just that the game is unbearably slow until I remove...
Category: Discussion
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