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16 Aug 2019 10:14
Tested vk in Rage 2 and NMS. In NMS depth buffer works fine, no tweaking needed, just proper pre-processor settings. Rage 2 however crashes after couple of minutes into the game and depth buffer detection doesn't seem to work properly. In Vulkan tab fields with numbers (addresses) are blinking frantically. If you start tinkering with them usually second from the top causes a freeze and a crash and after that game stops launching with reshade on, giving graphic error code 35 thing. After you...
Category: Discussion
13 Aug 2019 14:05
Hi there. Brand new account here to inquire about Vulkan ReShade.

I tried using your ReShade setup to try and get it working on Rage 2. I installed it onto the game and launched game from the .bat file but there was no sign at all of ReShade working- although the game ran.

I then tried renaming ReShade64 to Vulcan- 1.dll - game didn't start- and this showed up in the log

16:01:59:215 [05796] | INFO | Registering hooks for "user32.dll" ...
16:01:59:215 [05796] | INFO | > Libraries loaded.
16:01:59:215 [05796] |...
Category: Discussion
05 Aug 2019 20:44
hi there, ive been trying to install reshade 3.0 for the past 3 days. the one time it got into game the shadows from the presets were missing. then i uninstalled it and now it says unable to download archive?? ugh im really bad at this computer stuff.
Category: Discussion
04 Aug 2019 11:21
Hi, I tried using Reshade for the sims 4 but when I start my game and try to move it does it really fast and doesn't really follow my mouse.
I tried to uninstall reshade and I also tried changing the reshade preset but nothing changed. It's really annoying and it doesn't let me play :dry: :dry:
Category: Troubleshooting
31 Jul 2019 22:03
I actually have the same problem, nothing I changes in ReShade gets saved, even creating new file does not get saved. Game runs as admin, so that's not the issue. This all worked perfectly before,,,, but few weeks ago I installed Chocolatey software and it forcibly installed some random windows updates and probably also altered directX.... can't really remember nor track down the changes.

Long story short, unable to save any changes nor create custom profiles in latest ReShade. System is win7...
Category: Troubleshooting
29 Jul 2019 04:00
I did a little digging, it seems that when using the "Static lighting" setting (rather than Object Dynamic Lighting or Full Dynamic Lighting), Reshade does hook properly. If I recall correctly, Static Lighting only uses D3D8 features (but on a D3D9 machine will still load D3D9 by default), while the Dynamic Lighting options use more advanced D3D9 extensions.
For comparison, here is the debug log I get when using Full Dynamic Lighting (using commit 6d77575634da14b1aa6a57fca2d10f42c2e03c5c):...
Category: Troubleshooting
28 Jul 2019 19:22
i am new to reshade and i intsall following instruction. i am not using steam. Desktop version. somehow the reshade never initialize and i cant figure out for the life of me what i am doing wron. this the following error i get if someone can help or suggest what i can do ill be much appreciated.

15:18:18:695 [05388] | INFO | Initializing crosire's ReShade version '' (64-bit) built on '2019-05-25 19:00:11' loaded from "C:\Final Fantasy XIV\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm...
Category: Troubleshooting
19 Jul 2019 08:39
It is very easy to uninstall reshade program from your steam settings.

Follow these steps:

1.Login to steam account.

2.Go to the library and find PUBg game.

3. Now go to local files.

4. And delete following files (as shown in following image)

Reshade-shaders (directory)

That's it.

pubgsettings.com/uninstall-reshade-pubg/ writemyessaytoday.net reshade.me/forum/general-discussion/4398...to-uninstall-reshade

Sorry for asking such a silly question. But...
Category: Discussion
16 Jul 2019 08:34
Yeah I have the problem too....It's also with the sliders it's just too fast and when i uninstalled the shader it worked but before it worked perfectly fine with reshade :S
Category: Troubleshooting
16 Jul 2019 02:27
Mine is doing this too. I had Reshade version 4.2.1 and finally uninstalled and tried again just a few minutes ago with the newest version 4.3.0 and the camera is still going insane on the tab mode. It's also not saving the reshade settings when I take a photo.. :huh:
Category: Troubleshooting
15 Jul 2019 20:58
Hello there,

i saw some older discussions about this problem, but none of the solutions presented there has worked for me. I installed the lastest version of ReShade for Dragon Age 3 to utilize it but it does crash to desktop on start of the game.
When i rename the dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll ReShade does not start, but the game does.
I reinstalled the visual c++, tried to make the enbinjector do the trick (though i have no real clue how it should do that, maybe i did that wrong), i have no...
Category: Troubleshooting
10 Jul 2019 23:01
If it's any help, here's the log I get when using a debug build of the latest master commit.
2019-07-10T18:54:12:711 [22520] | DEBUG | Installing hook for LoadLibraryA at 0x763E2990 with 0x6E5F52A3 using method 1 ...
2019-07-10T18:54:12:725 [22520] | DEBUG | > Succeeded.
2019-07-10T18:54:12:789 [22520] | DEBUG | Installing hook for LoadLibraryExA at 0x763D9BE0 with 0x6E5FABC7 using method 1 ...
2019-07-10T18:54:12:789 [22520] | DEBUG | > Succeeded.
2019-07-10T18:54:12:848 [22520] | DEBUG |...
Category: Troubleshooting
09 Jul 2019 17:06
I just tried the new Nvidia FrameView Beta and it seems to conflict with ReShade (tested with latest 4.3.0 version).

ReShade works well, but the FrameView overlay is not working at all.

If I uninstall ReShade from the games I play with it, the FrameView works again (tested with several dx9 and dx11 games so far).
Category: Troubleshooting
04 Jul 2019 18:58
Hi. First off, thanks to crosire and all the contributors who help make games so much prettier. I'm pretty new to ReShade and PC gaming, but I've gotten ReShade (latest version) to work on Borderlands 2, RE2, DMC5, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. There was no problem when installing Sekiro (Steam) and playing it normally with the DualShock 4. When I first installed ReShade, it would quickly close Sekiro on startup, so I did the trick where I renamed dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll. ReShade now comes up...
Category: Troubleshooting
28 Jun 2019 00:06
The reshade seems to affect the game camera and makes it move out of control. When using the right hand click to pan the camera around (whether it's in game play or Create-A-Sim) the speed is way too increased and the camera moves out of control so it's hard to focus. I thought it could have been another mod, but turns out that uninstalling reshade has been the only way to solve the issue.

Am I doing something wrong? Pls help! I love using reshade!
Category: Troubleshooting
22 Jun 2019 16:24
yusqueen wrote:
Ok I then need help uninstallin reshade cause idk how

There's a comprehensive FAQ and troubleshooting thread at the top of this forum that will help you uninstall ReShade.
Category: Troubleshooting
22 Jun 2019 05:16
I posted this over here: answers.ea.com/

After I updated to Windows 10, version 1903 on June 14, I had the insane spinning camera, as well. It only happened in ts4 (I have everything, plus some mods and a ton of cc). I thought it was a mouse over-sensitivity issue and attempted to resolve it through the Mouse Settings. It was the mouse wheel. I use the ts3 camera settings and when I clicked and held the wheel everything went berserk!

I have a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000. I did...
Category: Troubleshooting
22 Jun 2019 00:09
Ok I then need help uninstallin reshade cause idk how
Category: Troubleshooting
21 Jun 2019 01:12
Windowed/Borderless does not fix the problem. I only play in windowed/borderless as I have three monitors and I was having the issue. I had to uninstall the windows update, though once the windows update is forced on me, I guess I'll uninstall reshade at that time cause the mouse sensitivity is just insanely out of control.
Category: Troubleshooting
18 Jun 2019 19:43
You can either use the setup tool (which can also uninstall ReShade), or you delete the ReShade dll (that can be named d3d9.dll, dxgi.dll, opengl32.dll, or similar).
Category: Troubleshooting
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