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  • Wicked Sick
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03 Nov 2019 13:56 - 03 Nov 2019 14:02
Replied by Wicked Sick on topic 4.4


Category: Releases

Birdy62 wrote: First thank you so much for your work,,
I tried 4.4 with :
Shadows of Tomb Raider (DX12) : works great
Rage 2 (Vulkan) : Vulkan : when i lauch the game with the .bat, it launch twice, once without Reshade and the second one is ok. I had one crash
No Man's Sky (Vulkan) : works great

Please, advise.. What am I doing wrong? I tried with no Man's Sky, was the first game I tried and I had no success.

I ran the tool to make sure, selected Vulkan as the API and launched the game via the .bat file that was generated but no hook.

What else did you do?

Also, had some issues with Hitman Absolution, I get a warning message saying that my VGA has zero memory, but with the older version works fine.


And to all these people saying stuff about viruses... Always the same thing on every release... Do you guys know what False Positive means?

Read that topic, this should help you all:
  • aWhiteCrystal
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03 Nov 2019 13:46
Replied by aWhiteCrystal on topic 4.4


Category: Releases

Microsoft Defender (Windows 10) blocks this Version. A Scan with VirusTotal returns this Warning by Defender: "Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B". (A few other Anti Virus Programs detect it as a Trojan too.)
  • ZockerBuddie
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03 Nov 2019 13:33
Replied by ZockerBuddie on topic 4.4


Category: Releases

i can not download reshade 4.4 it says a virus was found :(
  • brazzjazz
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15 Sep 2019 21:28
Replied by brazzjazz on topic Problem with dll

Problem with dll

Category: Troubleshooting

As to the nv*.dll, it could be a DLL from your graphics driver, so I'd recommend reinstalling the graphics driver.

It almost sounds as if you have put DLLs in a system folder when installing ReShade..? The ReShade files only go where the game's EXE file is. Downloading single system DLLs to fix problems with your system can also be dangerous (viruses). Just install ReShade into the game directory, and when you don't want ReShade to load, just rename the dxgi.dll. But don't ever touch your Windows system folders just for using ReShade!
  • goCHIEFgo
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14 Jul 2019 12:05
Reshade not working with SWTFU2 was created by goCHIEFgo

Reshade not working with SWTFU2

Category: Troubleshooting

I've been trying to fix this game for a while now and I'm just about to give up.
Reshade works for plenty other users on this game, and I've even used these people's own dlls with no success. I've been going through a lot of games and been able to fix every single one of them, be it dx9, 11, an older version from the reshade repository, afterburner, whatever, but I just can't get this one going.
The game is Dx9, but a user mentions it only working if he has both dxgi and d3d9.dll in his main.
With d3d9.dll I get a log, which is the only dll I will get a log from. Log
I get no compile message on launch and I can't open any menu.
I've completely removed Afterburner, Rivatuner is set to no detection. Windows 1903. Taken ownership of the folder, excluded in from virus protection.

I can't launch the game with fullscreen optimization disabled if d3d9 is in the main folder, but it will launch if d3d9 is removed. With d3d9 gives me "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" in the game's log. Which I know a user was able to do with reshade.

If anyone could help it'd be much appreciated, I know there are more people having trouble with this game.
  • Zethras
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05 Jul 2019 12:54
Replied by Zethras on topic ReShade 4.3.0 crashes and deletes itself

ReShade 4.3.0 crashes and deletes itself

Category: Troubleshooting

Ok, I found the Issue :angry: apparently in my pc was isntalled an antivirus called "Segurazo" which I was unaware of (which, by the way, was causing my cpu to spike to 70(100% usage). I removed it and now crashes are gone :pinch:
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