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  • Servile_Misanthrope
  • Servile_Misanthrope's Avatar
27 Feb 2021 11:34
Reshade doesn't work with any game was created by Servile_Misanthrope

Reshade doesn't work with any game

Category: Troubleshooting

Two games that I've tried to get it to work with tonight are 'Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force' and 'Call of Duty'.  In both instances it says installed successfully, and the files and reshade-shaders dir are there, but nothing is affected in-game.  Pressing Shift+F2 does nothing, nor does pressing 'Home' key.  And there is no indication otherwise that it is installed.  I've tried reading a number of posts here for clues and one suggested deleting the ReShade.ini file - didn't work.  One suggested changing the input key - that didn't work.  Also, I think the ini file isn't being set up properly, because there is only a [GENERAL] section, and no other section.  

I'm on Windows 7.  I don't have Citrix installed.  I turned off my Anti-virus to see if that was the issue (either interfering with the install, or the operation of), and it still isn't working.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.
  • Aiolia
  • Aiolia's Avatar
25 Sep 2020 12:25 - 26 Sep 2020 16:45

[SOLVED] Reshade not working with Witcher2

Category: Troubleshooting

When I install the last version of Reshade (4.7.0) the game won't launch and I get the 0xc0000005 error.

I did choose the right exe (the one in /bin), select the correct api (Dx9, even the installer don't let me choose another). I did check if I got the last version of directX and .Net. I tried removing all the overlays (steam, antivirus). Nothing changes.

I played this game 3 years ago with reshade and it was working. I already tried to do a clean install, set as administrator rights, no success.

EDIT: installing the game from GOG instead of Steam works with reshade. If it helps someone ...
  • Kilson
  • Kilson's Avatar
11 Aug 2020 13:50
Menu suddenly unresponsive was created by Kilson

Menu suddenly unresponsive

Category: Troubleshooting

Hello all,

I have Reshade installed successfully in a good few games over Steam, Origin, Epic & blizz. However now for some reason the menu has become unresponsive, cant open with keyboard presses. This is happening with all games with Reshade currently installed and on any games I try a fresh install with. The Reshade is working as it applies all the effects that were set before the menu stopped working I just cant open the menu to alter or start the setup menu for new installs.

Things I have tried to resolve are as follows:

- Changed the key to activate the menu
- Turned off all overlays including the Radeon overlay
- Re-installed graphics card driver (Factory reset option)
- Tried on DX9, DX10, DX11, DX12 and Vulcan games
- Changed games to windowed mode, full screen and alt tabbing
- Disabled virus protection
- Re-installed games
- Tried different versions of Reshade
- Changed keyboards

Anyone else have the same issue or has found a solution?
Or does anyone know how Reshade detects keyboard presses and I can maybe find a work-around that way?
  • brazzjazz
  • brazzjazz's Avatar
19 Jul 2020 01:53
Replied by brazzjazz on topic Reshade.exe does not open

Reshade.exe does not open

Category: Troubleshooting

AntiVirus blocking your exe..? If you have a second computer, you could take any exe there and install ReShade into that folder, and take the files and move it to your actual game folder ("reshade-shaders" folder, the DLL (depends on your API used), plus ReShade.ini)
  • Snowman
  • Snowman's Avatar
30 Jun 2020 11:23 - 08 Jul 2020 14:44
GUI no longer opens in a single game. was created by Snowman

GUI no longer opens in a single game.

Category: Troubleshooting


Since the beginning of May the GUI no longer opens in whatever games I try. I used reshade for years, but never encountered something like this. The app runs because I can see the banner. I can even take screenshots with F12.

I changed the .ini file to change the hotkey to Shift+f2 or other buttons. The banner shows the change, but it still does not open.

I also tried up to 10 different reshade versions going from 3.0.6 up to 4.7.0, but still the same problem.

I renamed dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll, reshade still works, but nothing changes regarding the GUI problem.

At the moment I use Win10 (v2004), but the problem existed before I updated to this version.

It happens with every API, dx9,10,11,12 and Vulkan.

This problem persists even with a game that already had reshade installed. It applies the graphical changes I made in the past, but the GUI no longer opens.

I also disabled my virus scanner and firewall, but that didn't change anything.

Kind regards.
  • sajittarius
  • sajittarius's Avatar
28 Jun 2020 00:53 - 28 Jun 2020 00:54
Replied by sajittarius on topic 4.7


Category: Releases

ESET NOD32 says its not a virus, and i trust that more than Windows Defender or MalwareBytes (generally way less false positives)

Also, this Force 10-bit thing is like wizardry, it works in FF7 PC (reshade = opengl32.dll). I'm pretty amazed, lol, it's a pretty old game.

Setting my video card to 10 bit (or enabling HDR with 8 or 10 bit color for that matter) did not seem to reduce banding, but it could be windows/nvidia doing something stupid. But I did find that, just using Reshade 10bit + TriDither (only dither shader i have) + Windows 8bit color, it seemed to reduce a ton of banding. FF7 uses a gradient in the menus and banding appears much reduced. I may post a comparison if i ever get around to it.
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