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TOPIC: Reshade texture problem and black lines

Reshade texture problem and black lines 2 weeks 3 days ago #1

First sorry for my English. Good morning, recently I have been improving my old game "Blade of Darkness"

I discovered Reshade and I wanted to use it to improve the game but problems appear. Reshade works with two game configurations, r3Dfx Voodoo 1-2 and rOpenGL.
I describe the problems with each one:

- rOpenGL: when I install Reshade and start playing, many textures disappear from the game, all this in the character selection menu, and if I try to start a game the screen looks black although I can hear how the game started but I don´t see anything only black screen.


- r3Dfx VooDoo 1-2: With this configuration Reshade seems to work fine. I´m currently using a mod of shaders (ENB), the two programs load well, but when I apply some filters on the screen there are annoying black lines or the image turns black.


I´m using the European version of the game 1.01 but I have the same error with all (GOG version and US)
What I can do?
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