An Attempt to Make GTA V's Aliasing Situation Better with Reshade

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1 week 6 days ago #1 by canceralp
I have been experimenting with various shaders, including fakemotionblur alongside classical AA shaders like FXAA.

This time, I think I finally nailed it. With BlueSkyKnight's TAA implementation, (a big thanks BTW)I was able to make GTA V's aliasing problem tolerable. Here is my first video of trying to explain how to achieve the result in a non-native language.

"Youtube link"

Of course TAA shader doesn't work as Reshade doesn't have access to velocity buffers. However, it makes a nice pixel smoother/blender/local contrast reducer, combined with a little resolution increase. Most of the pixel shimmering in this game is related to bad LOD bias settings and semi-checkerboard rendering. When a pixel's new color is clamped by its previous value, it reduces the shimmering/flashing of it, acting as a local contrast reducer. Add a strong FXAA into the equation, it becomes way smoother. As a nice side effect, it acts like a natural motion blur when the camera is moving fast.

Hope you like the video. And also, I hope BlueSkyKnight thinks of implementing depth isolating to this TAA shader. It still wouldn't be like a fully functional TAA but at least only the objects that are sharing the same depth would be blended.
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1 week 3 days ago - 1 week 3 days ago #2 by Swartz27
Interesting idea.

My thought would be to port this to ENB and use it there instead, since you can access the velocity buffers through ENB without issue. Then we could have real Temporal AA and not that obnoxious TXAA crap.
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6 days 17 hours ago - 6 days 17 hours ago #3 by canceralp
That would be great. But I'm not an ENB user so I don't know it that's possible. Even so, Reshade is the only way to play GTA Online safely. ENB would most likely get you a ban.

Still I would love to see GTA V having proper TAA support. Then I would make a t-shirt written
"on your face Rockstar,
on your face Nvidia,
on your face whoever thinks dividing players and denying some of them from something as vital for a game as AA!"

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