ReShade for Extended Video Export GTA 5

1 year 5 months ago #1 by BlueJeansGamer
ReShade for Extended Video Export GTA 5 was created by BlueJeansGamer
Hi guys!
As the title suggests I (and many others) are in need for ReShade to be compatible with the Extended Video Export (EVE) mod for GTA 5. What EVE does is it enables the user to export videos at much greater quality than native GTA 5. Also it allows for Motion blur, higher framerates etc. The latest compatible ReShade version that worked was version 3.0.7, but it would be amazing if it could work with current and future versions of ReShade as it provides better performance and some amazing shaders that don't work on 3.0.7. The original creator of EVE has stopped support on the mod. If anyone code savvy can help with this dilemma, the GTA 5 videos community will be forever grateful.
Below is the source code for Extended Video Export (or EVE as it is called). Perhaps it can aid in the process.

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