Anyone willing to help me MOD a special but discontinued StarTrek VR game?

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MILLIONS of people would be so grateful! (it is a Star Trek game for VR that was started then STOPPED, Forcefully) I have already modded the VR version extensively, BUT I also have the updated 2D version of the game (that is clearly the exact same project just a few executable differences) Both were made in Unreal Engine 4.18, I have fully Un Pak'd the Assets and have full access, (I have been able to go through the Blueprints in Notepad++ to see what the Updated Versions of Blueprint Map (levels) wants in the subfolders, I supply that (copy over) and in this way, I have been able to add a LOT from the 2D game into the VR version, BUT it would be so much better to go in the other direction, and make the 2D game play with the VR Hands from the VR one (or incorporate more of the 2D into the VR and gain a bit more control over replacements)!
love this silly VR game it is a lot like early BONEWORKS but in a Starship, The Enterprise D.. You can Shoot the place up, Jettison Captain Picard out of an airlock, and a Hundred crewman down the Space Toilet! Fly around in a Shuttle, fly around (and inside) DS9,. !!!

> I just this week, noticed the Defiant was Docked to DS9 in the 2D version, So I tried swapping into the 'Place_Location 2_BP' Blueprint with the newer one from the updated 2D game,. (Making sure it has the new Meshes and Textures it wanted in the right folder: DS9' lol)
MAN DID I WHOOP!! WHEN I RAN IT IN VR AND WARPED TO DS9 and saw Defiant docked to DS9!! ;) A good sense of accomplishment... I tricked the computer! :) NEXT I am making it so I can fly the Defiant! With WOrf!

Any advice very welcome, I will share back any all info you need, the full install files, the unpak'd folders and assets,. The Modding Tools I use,. I am an EXPERT in Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, I am an Expert Character Animator, I worked in Hollywood for 25 years.,. , perhaps you need high end 3D Character with Auto-Lip Sync using Oculus Lipsync ? (You talk, the lips move!) or a Full Body IK for VR First Person, in Unreal Engine? I have made my own,. Also,. I have pretty much every Unreal Asset ever made hundreds of awesome environments, Entire cities, (countless entire cities,.) Redwood Forests,.. Cyberpunk Alleys, 400 square kilometers of Photoreal Greenland, Modular Dungeons, Beautiful VR Arms of my own development, (I will share, anything I have that you need if you help me Mod my silly little Trek game! Or interview you for my online VR development show, I have thousands of subscribers on one of my Youtube channels, I can help you Market your game or review products or?
I have many resources to share please consider sharing your Modding advice if you can. I can send a link to the installs so you can see how amazing it is as a MODDING Opportunity , it nearly mods itself, I have made MAJOR Changes and it is my first attempt at modding!! I have hit a wall though on a couple of the higher end executable things and such (I can always rebuild segments of the thing I have Unreal 4.18 ad all the hard assets) I am for instance rebuilding Mr. Worfs quarters atm (for a start) taking them from cartoonish primitive to Photoreal and accurate.

I am Woody!
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