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TOPIC: Support For D3D Overrider

Support For D3D Overrider 1 week 3 days ago #1

Hello everyone,,
As title. This is probably more of a Nvidia thing. But sometimes I have to use d3d Overrider to fix bad(or non-existent) triple buffering in some of my games.
Currently trying to use d3d Overrider and ReShade causes the game to not start.
https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ https://123-movies.red/
Support would be nice because it would allow me to enjoy increased visual fidelity along with no Screen tearing and good v sync.
Though I completely understand if you can't do this/don't want to do this. Since it's probably a really small amount of people that even use d3d Overrider.

Thanks for considering this and all the continuing work on Reshade :)
Oh and the reason I said it's more of a Nvidia thing is because AMD users can use Radeon Pro to Force triple buffering.
That didn't seem to work with my Nvidia card when I tried. If it does work, please let me know. :)
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Support For D3D Overrider 1 week 3 days ago #2

Ahh I remember using D3DOverrider :)

To be honest things have moved on since then, and I'm pretty sure D3DO is quite out of date now. Generally, triple buffering helps maintain smoother frame times at the cost of input latency, but unless you have really old hardware the benefit is small. In fact, you can get better frametimes by framerate limiting, which also gives you reduced input latency -- though again this is dependent on your GPU being capable of supplying enough power to meet those limits.

Honestly I loved D3DO back in the day but don't use it any more. I would recommend trying out Nvidia's framerate limiter in the latest drivers that just came out, and capping 1 fps below your monitor's refresh rate. This will, in almost all circumstances, provide the most optimal gameplay experience. There are of course other tools to do this like RTSS, but now it's a part of the drivers it's a cinch to implement hassle free for all games.

If you really want forced triple buffer (but again try the above first) -- check out SpecialK by Kaladien (steamcommunity.com/groups/SpecialK_Mods/discussions). It provides very fine grained control over a host of GPU functionalities while in game, including forcing triple buffering and flip queue behavior. It is largely compatible with Reshade, but may take some fiddling to get working (it has its own version of Reshade, but it is very out of date. You can alternatively chain-load the latest Reshade, but may encounter issues. Try both).

SpecialK is amazing, but its use cases are best reserved for problematic games (like the AC Origins and Odyssey series). Much of the features aren't documented well so you'll spend a lot of time with trial and error testing out various settings, as every game responds differently. I consider it a last resort for fixing problematic games, and otherwise just try to frame limit (as above) for the best overall experience.
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