[SOLVED] Reshade toggle key doesn't switch off

6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #1 by OtisInf
Forget it, I remembered it wrong. reshade_toggle_key doesn't toggle reshade on/off. Carry on!


(v2.0.2): The default toggle key for all effect is RESHADE_TOGGLE_KEY, which is by default scroll-lock, however it doesn't work anymore for switching OFF reshade. This causes confusion (reshade.me/forum/releases/1791-2-0?start=210#14228) when effects are disabled in the effect shader and have to be toggled ON through a hotkey by default: users switch on the effect in the cfg file (so the #define is set to 1), press scroll lock to disable reshade and the effects pop on :)

Is RESHADE_TOGGLE_KEY still the switch to switch OFF reshade? Because it doesn't work switching things off like it did in v1 where it switched off reshade and all effects even if you had bound a different key to it.
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