Max Payne mouse won't work

5 years 2 weeks ago - 5 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Ranhcase
Max Payne mouse won't work was created by Ranhcase
I can't move my mouse while in the Reshade (v 3.07) menu, the input only goes to the game (Max Payne), is there anyway to fix this?

EDIT: Okay, so i also installed it to Max Payne 2, and it doesn't work either, here, the overlay doesn't even show, pressing Shift+2 doesn't do anything.
Am i even installing the d3d8to9 thing right, i drag and dropped it into the folder but it doesn't work. Guess i can't know, because there are no instruction for it at all.

I also tried to install it Reshade 3.0 in quake 3, but guess what, it doesn't work quite right, the game has a 'hall of mirrors' effect all over it, but the menu works, so i guess that's good.

Reshade 2.0 should still be up, atleast that one worked.
Last edit: 5 years 2 weeks ago by Ranhcase. Reason: Reshade being a buggy mess.

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