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TOPIC: [SOLVED] Dragon's Dogma CTD with ENB

Dragon's Dogma CTD with ENB 2 years 6 months ago #1

I tried using the wrapper version and renaming the Reshade D3D9.dll and using it as a proxy library; game crashed. Then I tried injector and the game crashes when both are active. I can run them individually but not at the same time. I have an older Reshade version with mediator that runs with ENB in Fallout 4 fine without using the proxy library though. I didn't try to run that version, but I am not sure if it has RBM, and it doesn't have the new UI.

I tried deleting the effect path to the game directory as Corsiar suggested to someone having errors while running ENB+Reshade, but the game still crashes on startup. I don't want to try an older version of SweetFX; I need the UI and the new shaders (specifically reflective bump mapping).

Injector version (init proxy functions false in both):

Wrapper version. Closes thing I got to it working; the UI comes up but it is dark, and effects are off.

Edit: it says program stopped working, not CTD.

Edit2: I read the guide about using old Reshade 2.0 presets and moving around shaders. Can I add the new shaders (MXAO, RBM and others) to Reshade 2.0 framework? Any tips? I plan on making a preset using Reshade 3.0 and transferring the settings to Reshade 2.0 framework+new shaders. Not sure if it is going to work; the problem seems to be the two DLL files running at the same time (enbseries.dll and d3d9.dll using injector).
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Dragon's Dogma CTD with ENB 2 years 6 months ago #2

Problem solved. I removed the ENB FX files to the ENB folder as Reshade was apparently reading them (shown in error log). I reinstalled Reshade and it works now with ENB (Reshade reads BOTH shader and texture files directly instead of the game directory).
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