[HELP] Can't get Reshade 3 to run on MGBA emulator

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6 years 2 days ago #1 by Hoover1979 [HELP] Can't get Reshade 3 to run on MGBA emulator was created by Hoover1979
I am having a big problem with reshade 3 with the MGBA Gameboy Advance Emulator. I can get reshade 1 and the master effect reborn to work, but that has no HQ4x shader. when I install reshade 3 it acts like it is working, but I can't open the menu. I even tried copying an ini and opengl32.ini from my SNES emulator and rerouting the paths in the opengl32.ini file to point to the shaders in the GBA emulator and the reshade ini in the GBA emulator folder, and I had set it up in the SNES emulator to use a different key from SHIFT+F2 to open the options. it is now set as the O key. it says it loads the shaders but nothing happens and I still can't open the settings even when rebound as the O key. I cleared the hotkeys in the emulator so no other function in MGBA is using the O key but the shaders aren't kicking in and I can't open the options no matter what I try to do.

Although the emulator has it's own 6xbrz filter, because of the extremely low resolution of the GBA screen I want to further refine it with reshade 3.0 and the HQ4x filter and some other filters for color and bloomn. I can't for the life of me get this version of reshade to work. it acts like it's detected, loads all the shaders, don't apply one of them and I can't open the options menu. I double checked the OpenGL32.ini file and the paths are spelled correctly for both the shaders and the reshade ini file I mad on the other emulator. I am at a loss at what is wrong and have absolutely no clue what to do!

Please assist!

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