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TOPIC: FPS drop after ±10mins playing

FPS drop after ±10mins playing 2 years 2 months ago #1

I use Reshade in almost all games that I can think off and I noticed something happening with COD WWII. With Reshade disabled, i can run the game perfectly well in constant 60FPS, with occasional drops to 50. I installed it and i'm currently using Ambient Light, Adaptive sharpen, Vignette and Film grain. I was playing and using it and it was all going fine (55FPS mostly) but after a while the frames dropped massively to 29FPS and they got stuck there. It does not get lower or increase. If i restart Reshade or the game, the FPS goes back to normal, but it happens again after a while. The drop is very sudden and I noticed in the statistics that the ''Frame'' section doubles from 15 000000 to 30 000000 when it occurs. The ''Post processing'' section continues the same. The graph suddenly increases in the Y axis but it retains a somewhat horizontal form. Please, any advice would be very helpful.
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FPS drop after ±10mins playing 1 year 11 months ago #2

Hello? Is this forum dead?
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