[SOLVED] How to make 2 different d3d9.dll's work

3 years 1 day ago - 3 years 19 hours ago #1 by polyneutron
I just can't get both ReShade and ENB mod working together at the same time in DkS2 no matter how hard I tried.
Currently I'm trying to get working my custom ReShade stuff (consisting of little tweaks here and there, including McFly DOF) on top of the mixture of the following:
-enb v0257
-Kalicolas Enhanced Graphics ENB v1-46-1
-and DSII-GEMv13-GeDoSaTo-HD-7-v1-3

From what little I can tell about these three, the "GEM" thing is the one that gives the game its amazingly increased atmosphere through light and contrast tweaks which I can't recreate using ReShade alone, sadly. Thus I try to combine these three with ReShade, alas without any luck.

Look, I know I'm definitely not the first one to ask about this, but I tried every little thing that I found on Internet (including renaming .dll's, or injecting them using ENB Injector, etc. etc.) and still got nothing. My biggest "progress" was when the game finally recognized both ReShade and empty (w/out any effects applied, I mean) ENB working altogether, that was when I used the "Injector version" of the "enbseries_darksouls2_v0257" (instead of "Wrapper version"). But I couldn't find out how to apply the effects of the ENB I want to play with there, so I ditched that.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Viktor @polyneutron
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3 years 20 hours ago #2 by polyneutron
Replied by polyneutron on topic How to make 2 different d3d9.dll's work together?
Ok, so I got the issue solved pretty easily:
as @fuze wrote here all I had to do was create another ENBInjector folder and drop files into it (a step that I completely overlooked since from the picture in the post I thought that that meant to drop files INTO THE SAME FOLDER WHERE THE INJECTOR IS SITUATED, while in reality I had to create another folder, move the Injector there and only after that drop the ReShade files including ReShade32.dll there).

Issue solved, I'm really sorry for doing the whole thing the wrong way right from the start. :whistle:

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1 year 4 months ago #3 by CasePB
I'm trying to do this with Jade Empire and the Stuttering Fix but I'm having issues. I created a new folder called "ENB" and I moved everything from reshade 4.3 and enb injector Generic v0.006 into that folder. I did step 4 and 5 with the renaming, then I start enb injector and the game and reshade still doesn't load up when I launch the game.

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