ReShade won't start, please help [Homeworld 2]

4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #1 by Menyus01
So today I wanted to install ReShade for some of my older games laying around, came across Homeworld 2. The original, unremastered 2003 version. I decided to install it along with an ultra textures mod (which works perfectly btw), however ReShade just doesn't seem to like it.

It is a DirectX game (8 or 9 that is), but it's just not cutting it however hard I try. I have tried using the d3d8to9 converter, no luck there. I installed with the OpenGL version, the screen goes black for a second (like it would when it starts normally) then instantly crashes with no sings of error nor with an "Application has stopped working" window. Gave a try to dgVoodoo 2, with and without ReShade, still no luck.

Went ahead and tried DXGL, but I seem to be a noob at using it, I don't know what to do in there. Maybe that could fix the issue if I knew how to use it? Please say so if it'd do. Anyways, nothing above worked. But I don't understand how it does not work in the first place, I'm almost certain that it utilizes DX8 or 9, it even comes with a DirectX 9 installer (the game was made in 2003, DX9 was released in 2002).
Fraps also shows FPS in-game, so it must have SOME support for apps like these. Could I make it work with OpenGL mode if I did something more? (I know that the original Homeworld had an OpenGL rendering mode that you could enable, other than the software rendering).

Any help/suggestion is much appreciated.


EDIT: Also tried injecting it via ENBinjector (did nothing) and Xenos, which just crashed the game. Still in need of help.
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