Reshade's menu totally glitched / bugged

3 years 11 months ago #1 by JustBoro Reshade's menu totally glitched / bugged was created by JustBoro
Hello everyone, I have a little problem, I am using ReShade since yesterday (19.12.2018) and I have a really irritating problem with the main menu. While I am clicking "Home" button, menu pops up 3 times, like it's placed 1 layer onto another. For example, when I am clicking "Home" button to enable menu, and then I want to disable it by clicking "Home" again, i need to click it like 4 or 5 times because this menu is showed 3 times. It's not just a visual glitch, I am also able to enable most of the effects on all 3 menu layers, which is a little weird. Anyway, I explained as much as I could, I will also mention that I don't know how to reinstall ReShade, I have tried to delete main ReShade folder, ".ini" files and dxgi.dll and nothing happend. After verifying game files, menu still showed off, just without all effect presets. I'm linking youtube video (unpublished) so someone can see what I am talking about ;p I hope you guys can help me or at least help to reinstall the mod :

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