Reshade 4.2.1 Doesn't List Presets After Install

3 years 5 months ago #1 by Thorfkin Reshade 4.2.1 Doesn't List Presets After Install was created by Thorfkin
I've encountered something strange with Reshade v4.2.1. My preset files are not always visible after installing Reshade. I'll install Reshade and run the game. The Reshade overlay displays like it should. I'll click the dropdown arrow to select the Reshade preset I want (from the multiple preset files I've placed in the game folder) only to discover none of them are listed. The only preset that will show is DefaultPreset.ini.

It doesn't happen with every game. But I've had it suddenly start happening on games where it found the presets files before, using the same Reshade version (reinstalling to add additional shaders). So reinstalling Reshade seems to trigger it. I can even completely erase all Reshade files in the folder and reinstall it and it'll resolutely refuse to see any preset files other than DefaultPreset.ini once it starts doing that for a specific game. If I rename my preset file to DefaultPreset.ini everything works perfectly, it's just that it won't list any other preset files that reside in the game folder. I never encountered this behavior with any version of Reshade prior to the v4.2 branch.

While testing this with No Man's Sky I opened Reshade.ini and found this
PresetFiles=E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\Binaries\DefaultPreset.ini

That path and file is the only reshade preset that will show in the dropdown list for NMS in the Reshade overlay no matter how many preset files I place in the game folder next to DefaultPreset.ini. Isn't it supposed to find all preset files in the folder automatically?

Anyone else experiencing this? Any idea what might be causing it? Maybe something in the system registry? I can't think of anything else that would enable this issue to persist across a clean reinstall.

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