World of Warcraft - Controller triggers compiling

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9 months 1 week ago - 9 months 1 week ago #1 by Mally

I play World of Warcraft with the Console Port addon, which enables controller support for the game. Attempting to use a controller with ReShade has been pretty difficult, clicking in the right thumb stick will cause ReShade to start compiling the shader.

This is what happens when the thumb stick is pressed in game. Sometimes, the shader will simply shut off until it is finished, other times the screen goes black. What is this? I don't see it listed under any key I can set. Is there a way to rebind whichever key corresponds to this action? I've found that leaving certain keys unbound (The Screenshot key, the Home key) will cause these keys to also become activated once I press down on the right thumbstick.

Edit: The right thumbstick seems to be bound to the 'End' key, which causes ReShade to recompile when pressed in WoW. I don't see a way to rebind it in the ReShade INI files or through the WoW addon itself, I'll keep looking though.

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