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TOPIC: Reshade keys aren't opening

Reshade keys aren't opening 2 weeks 6 days ago #1

Hi, I'm not American, so excuse my English. I recently installed the reshade in the sims 4, and I can not open the menu. The box that opens with the game speaks to push the 'Home' button to open. I do this and opens the windows search bar. I can not even close this little box that opens with the game by 'ESC'. What can be the problem?
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Reshade keys aren't opening 1 week 2 days ago #2

Hmm, could it be your multimedia keyboard? These keyboards have sometimes changed the behavior of certain keys that are hardly ever used by the average user. Or you have the "Fn" (function) mode activated, mapping the F1-12 keys to different functions, and POSSIBLY the Home key as well..? In any case, it sounds like the "Home" key is assigned to a function within Windows (even without the game) that interferes with the actual button. You may try to close the small window by pressing Alt+Tab and then press the "X" of the small window (you can actually interact with those thumbnails).

If everything else fails, you can still edit the ReShade.ini to behave differently and take another button, but that is more complicated possibly.
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