ReShade won't work in Battlefield 4 (help please)

2 years 9 months ago #1 by TheLeadSpitter
I've been having trouble recently with ReShade when using with BF4, but not other games which work fine. First ReShade causes BF4 to crash at launch for me, so I changed the "dxgi" files to "d3g11" which fixed the crashing problem. But once the game loads, the ReShade overlay won't appear. I've also downloaded DirectX End-User Runtime just in case (other games were working without doing so) and still no luck. For context I also have ReShade working on my other PC with BF4 working just fine, and I've even copied all those exact files through Dropbox to this current gaming laptop where my trouble is occurring. Other people said overlays and things like MSI Afterburner conflict it, but I don't use that and have disabled Nvidia's overlay. My laptop has PredatorSense, but again, other games aren't affected by this.

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