FSX:SE, can't get it to work

2 years 2 weeks ago - 2 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Ybs
FSX:SE, can't get it to work was created by Ybs
First of all thank you for your work.
So, I have FSX Steam Edition. I tried to install reshade (i tried 3.0.4 and 4.3.0). 3.0.4 does install but isn't able to download any resources. 4.3.0 installs and is able to download the resources, however I'm not able to see any changes in FSX. I tried d3D9 and 10+. With d3D9 the game doesn't even start up (it does if I remove d3d9.dll). With d3D10+ it does start up but I cannot open the settings with home (shift+f2 doesn't work either) and I can't see any changes. It's just vanilla FSX. Am I missing something? Activating effects in SweetFX and launching from there doesn't do anything either.
I think it's worth mentioning that i am currently using reshade with GTA:SA and it works perfectly.
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