Setup doesn't allow me to select a rendering API (Star Wars: The Old Republic)!

5 months 4 days ago - 5 months 4 days ago #1 by Loftmark
Hello everyone,

I recently bought a new computer and decided to re-install some of my favorite games. I tried ReShade in pretty much all of them and it worked just fine. Except for one of the titles, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Whenever I run the ReShade Setup and select SWTOR, the installer will skip right to the presets and will automatically select "Direct3D 10/11/12". Even though it works, a large amount of in-game effects and textures disappear. The game becomes unstable. No matter how many times I try to re-install this app, it will ALWAYS select this Direct3D option. SWTOR is "Good" in the compatibility list and the tutorials I found online showed no issues... so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I tried reaching out for help in the Discord, and an user told me to rename files. Renaming them either had ReShade stop working as a whole or kept the game from booting up.

Anyone who could lend me a hand?
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5 months 3 days ago #2 by crosire
The setup knows this is the only option to get ReShade working in SWTOR at all, so it chooses automatically und does not let you do it yourself.

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