Major FPS hit after few moments

8 months 2 weeks ago #1 by caezero
Major FPS hit after few moments was created by caezero
Whenever my effects are active on Assassin's Creed Odyssey/Origins, I have a 10-15 FPS loss permanently after a few minutes or during heavy scenes on Fullscreen mode... say, initially my FPS with the effects active was 38FPS, then a few minutes later, it will instantly drop to ~25fps, even when I'm idle. And the GPU load was tanked from 97% with ReShade OFF, to 99% with ReShade ON (99% is where I got the FPS hit, it seems throttle up, even when my GPU temperature is only 60c). Also, I lost 1-2 FPS when I turned off ALL the effects, but with ReShade ON, which is odd..

My GPU is 780Ti, installed in the PCIE16x lane, I can still run those games with my preferred configurations (1080p, High-Maxed) @35-45fps all the time without ReShade, and I installed all the ReShade (latest version) effects but I only use these:

The problem is still occurred even when I only installed the settings above.

But with those effects, I originally only lost 3FPS. I said before that the issue is during in Fullscreen mode, as when I switched to Window mode, I only lost 3 FPS like normal for about 30 minutes before the FPS dropped, I have to switch to Fullscreen mode and then to Window mode again to get my FPS back, very annoying... Borderless mode also has the same problem. Does anyone have suggestions?

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