Can't use ReShade Menu on No Man's Sky

1 year 7 months ago #1 by Voidorath
Can't use ReShade Menu on No Man's Sky was created by Voidorath
I'm pretty sure this issue is related to the game but i have used ReShade with NMS before and i had no problem except this time.

ReShade is working and is installed perfectly but the only problem i have is i can't hover over the ReShade menu cause the mouse cursor is locked in the game to the middle of the screen and i can't move it no matter what, i have tried on the home menu, inventory so many menus and still nothing i even tried borderless, windowed modes nothing that makes the mouse move so anyone has any idea how to fix this?

i don't know where to ask this and i didn't see any topics about this issue being solved, really need some help here.

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