Where is SweetFX's dither?

11 months 1 week ago #1 by fredas2021
Where is SweetFX's dither? was created by fredas2021
The GitHub site, where you can download the SweetFX package separately, specifically mentions dither.  As does seemingly everyone who hates banding and tried to get it solved with ReShade's "deband".  They all agree: SweetFX dither is the way to go.  Yet it doesn't seem to be in the archive, whether downloaded from GitHub or through the ReShade installer.

One of the many packages you can grab through the installer does install a "dither.fx", but this is evidently not the same thing as the "dither" that's missing from SweetFX, as simply dropping it into the chain produces zero visible effect.  (Same thing goes for trying to tweak its settings.)

If it was accidentally left out, fair enough.  All I'm after is the file.  Thanks in advance.

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