Tomb Raider 2013 crashes when using ReShade with Frans Bouma's HUD Toggler

8 months 1 hour ago - 8 months 1 hour ago #1 by splinefx
I'm trying to use Frans Bouma / Otis_Inf HUD Toggler for Tomb Raider (2013) — which can be found on his GitHub page, — with the latest version of ReShade, 4.9.1.

The thing is that both HUD Toggler and ReShade inject dlls into the game. Menu Toggler uses d3d11.dll (which has something to do with the thing called 3D Migoto) while ReShade uses dxgi.dll. Both ReShade and Toggler work fine with this game on their own, but not together.

This is the last barrier that keeping me away from having a proper photo mode for Tomb Raider :) Is there a way to make them work together?
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