ReShade won't launch with DbD

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1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #1 by Gemma ReShade won't launch with DbD was created by Gemma
Hi, I'm trying to use reshade for Dead by Daylight and it's not showing up when I launch the game. There's no "reshade intializing" or anything of the kind. Pressing home key does nothing.

I downloaded "ReShade_Setup_5.0.0" and when I run it, I manually select \Epic Games\DeadByDaylight\DeadByDaylight.exe with DX10/11/12 as the game uses DX11. I initially installed it without any effects packages as I want to configure it manually, but the second time I tried modifying the install and installed a package. The only files I can see for ReShade are in the \reshade-shaders folder, which is just the package it installed. There are no .dll's or .ini's for ReShade that I've seen other people mention in various troubleshooting things, or any other files. I have no clue what is going on or where to even start to fix it and can't find anything helpful online so I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance.
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6 months 2 days ago #2 by Dengra Durá Replied by Dengra Durá on topic ReShade won't launch with DbD
Hello, this is what i found there:
The installer often detects multiple different executables from the game folder, so maybe you have selected a wrong one? Also, in some rare cases it does not find the exe.

Either way, there is a "browse" button on low left corner. Use it to find the correct executable manually.

Often the real exe is hidden in the folder structure. For example "G:\......\Remnant - From the Ashes" root folder contains "remnant.exe" but that is not what you want to use. The real one is located in "G:\......\Remnant - From the Ashes\Remnant\Binaries\Win64" and is called "Remnant-Win64-Shipping.exe".

Basiclly go to Epic games or steam, click on 3 dots and go to file location, you should copy that location but instead, acced to the Dead by Daylight folder, then Binaries folder, then EGS folder and there is the .exe, EGS is the folder where you sohuld install ReShade, above all make sure its the right folder of the game.

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