Garry's Mod Depth Buffer Issue

3 months 1 week ago #1 by Concon
Garry's Mod Depth Buffer Issue was created by Concon
I'm trying to get the RTGI shader working on Garry's Mod, but the depth buffer is being weird. It shows the depth, but it's glitchy. I have to enable "Copy depth buffer before clear operations" and I have to select CLEAR 2 or 4 to make it work. But there's a problem. On clear 2, the depth buffer goes underneath the world's geometry when looking towards the center of Construct, plus up and down are swapped. 
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Weird, right? But there's more. When I select clear 4, when looking at the brick bunker to the left of the map, the depth buffer rendering freezes! Not the game, but the depth buffer!!! freezes right around here. No clear selected, and clear 1 also work, but it only shows the 3d skybox!

Does anyone know how to fix this? Also RTGI's shadows don't work either.

I'm running Garry's Mod on 64-bit Windows 10, with the x86-64 branch enabled on Steam and Directx12 (I selected Directx9 when installing Reshade as that's what Source uses.)

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