I remapped "HOME" key to "M" in order to open tutorial and doesn't work!!

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1 day 1 hour ago #1 by Sergio_Z1
Hi guys!

I have here a real serious issue!! .. I remapped "HOME" key to "M" in order to open reshade tutorial and doesn't work!! .. but the real problem all keybinds don't work!!
Firstly I don't find the line "KeyMenu" in Reshade.ini at INPUT section .. So I add it manually to 77,0,0,0 means M to my AZERTY keyboard but it didn't give any effect!! .. and I found another line called "KeyOverlay" and it was at 36,0,0,0 .. so when I changed it to 77,0,0,0 it gives me in the game (Beyond Good and Evil) press M instead of "HOME" but when I press M nothing works!!! LOL .. I changed it to many keybinds using this website for key codes (www.toptal.com/developers/keycode) and none of them worked!!!

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