Is depth buffer filtering possible?

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2 weeks 11 hours ago - 2 weeks 10 hours ago #1 by NoPippinNo Is depth buffer filtering possible? was created by NoPippinNo

Is it possible for a user to narrow down depth map auto detection by providing a target format and/or resolution?
I'm having trouble getting the addon to settle on the correct buffer and I have a feeling an input filter would help massively.

Thank you for the excellent work!

[edit] It's an edge case, but here is some context if useful for other cases:
- Game: Starfield + free Streamline frame generation mod by LukeFZ564 on Nexus
- Auto detection intermittently misses targets when Frame Generation component is active (target is a D32S8 to be upscaled, auto detection reverts to a native resolution D24S8)
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