Difference between packs

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so I'm currently using ReShade for Witcher 3. As I understand I can either use ReShade + SweetFX or ReShade + Framework right? But where's the difference?

For example this pack:
He's also offering it as reshade + framework on nexus, but from the screenshots I can't tell a difference and framework costs around 8-10 fps and sweetFX doesn't, or at least less.

So why would I use framework over sweetFX?

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7 years 4 weeks ago - 6 years 8 months ago #2 by Ganossa
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Oh do not worry, this questions comes up quiet often.

I actually do not know why there is still the link to the ReShade+Framework in the download section :blink: , it was just an internal joke between developers to see how everyone reacts :cheer:

Its true, it is only worked on to decrease fps and simulate old school slide show effects which was a special request by many users, other than that there is no real benefit.

If you are still interested, please check out the following two links:

And hope you do not mind these old developer jokes ;)
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