Question about PPSSPP

6 years 11 months ago #1 by PasserBy
Question about PPSSPP was created by PasserBy
Hello there!
Besides PC games(for which ReShade is superb) I do like to use emulators and here I do want to ask about PSP emulator PPSSPP.
While I can't use ReShade with OpenGL backend(my graphic card supports OpenGL 3.0 and it's not enough) I can use it with DX9 backend(shader model 4.0) so I'm fully aware of how great it can be. With mediator now it's even possible to create different settings for different games. B)
But well, you know, PPSSPP have own shaders(inferior as I see them, yet nice), is there even slightest possibility to cooperate with Henrik Rydgard and integrate ReShade into PPSSPP? With all Framework's gloryness instead of what there is.
Not only PPSSPP users would've benefit from that, but also it'll be promotion for those, who doesn't know about ReShade, but knows PPSSPP. (and also I hope for shaders to work for me on both backends as internal ones working only on OpenGL and ReShade only on DX9 :dry:)
Maybe I'm asking something stupid, but hey, if I don't probably no one will...

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