How to change variables on the Cartoon fx?

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I'm using the Nomad Mod for FPSC which includes ReShade (an older version, I imagine, given the age of the software)
I'm using the cartoon effect included in the cellshading.fx file with has the following:

Warning: Spoiler!

Which gives the following output:

What I want to know is if it's possible to make changes to this file as to still have the edges on the models (and make them thicker) but not on the textures.
As it is, it appears to apply an edge-detection filter to the actual textures, giving most models a very dark, over-detailed look. You can see for example in the tip of the rug that is visible on the left, it becomes almost pitch black.

I have very little knowledge of shaders and filters, but basically I'm after the XIII look:

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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