Improved dithering would be nice!

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Improved dithering would be nice! was created by MonarchX
Many say that ordered/random dithering only helps with ReShade's Vignette banding, but in reality, dithering is supposed to greatly improve overall banding and create a perception of colors that a monitor cannot technically support. Dithering techniques work wonderfully during film playback, especially with renderers like madVR, but I think dithering is more aggressive and advanced with madVR than with ReShade. There are some .BIK videos that I can play using MPC-HC + madVR and banding in them is MUCH smoother than in the same videos played inside the game, using ReShade's effects (dithering).

Would it be possible to integrate more aggressive dithering, like Error Diffusion?

P.S. I am talking about dithering specifically, NOT de-banding, which is already present in ReShade Framework.
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