SDR to HDR conversion like the XBOX Series X.

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According to Microsoft "Xbox Series X is able to leverage an innovative HDR reconstruction technique to enhance existing SDR games with no work from developers and no impact to available CPU, GPU or memory resources." The XBOX Series X can not only convert your XBOX ONE games to HDR, it can also convert XBOX360 and even the original XBOX games to HDR as well.
Reshade can already do Ray Tracing using screen space thanks to Pascal Gilcher's Ray Tracing Shader, something as trivial as converting SDR to HDR with peak highlights on objects such as Lights, the Sun, etc shouldn't be impossible as well. It would be so amazing to play PC games that don't support HDR Display output and finally play those games in HDR! Heck, it would be even cooler to play your emulators in HDR as well such as Zelda BOTW on CEMU. Here is an article that talks about SDR to HDR conversion on XBOX Series X

Please look into this guys, I know it's definitely possible. PCs are more powerful than consoles, Reshade could do SDR to HDR conversion better than the XBOX Series X! I have the i9 9900K and RTX 2080 Ti.

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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #2 by aaronth07
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Crosire has explained this to me very well. Basically, Reshade has to give the backbuffer back to the game, and most games are not expecting an HDR signal. What you are talking about would be something like Reshade applied to the desktop, and properly tone mapping Windows HDR (which is just SDR in an HDR container) to proper HDR values. Not possible with Reshade (or at least the current version of it) unfortunately.

All we can hope is that the same software in Xbox Series X eventually comes to Windows. With Windows HDR as it currently is, it's probably a safe assumption that it will.
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