Direct 3D "Fake normal mapping"

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Direct 3D "Fake normal mapping" was created by drv30
This is a long-shot, but I was messing around with this thing called ESRGAN, and I noticed one of the models is capable of generating a normal map out of a flat image. I was wondering if maybe a reshade effect could be injected in such a way that a Direct3D (direct draw, pre-DX9) a game without a depth buffer and without normal maps on textures can generate a very rough (as-fast-as-possible normal map) and then use it to implement other coloring effects on top of this "on-the-fly" alpha RGB channels.

The only problem is that this would probably be a very slow-performing effect, and it might require "CUDA" core usage for acceptable performance. Not really sure, but I am just spit-balling.

I don't know if I am making any sense or even using the right terminology, but hopefully, I am making some sense. I would post pictures but unfortunately, this forum doesn't seem to allow it (unless my script/ad-blocker is interfering).

Perhaps this "full-screen normal map" can be used as a "fake depth-buffer (z-buffer)". and the HUD elements could be masked off.

I really like this project but I feel like it should be focusing on retro-game support rather than modern game support (I assume this is the case only because the modern game implementation is much easier).
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