16 bits Emulator.fx.. Possible?

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16 bits Emulator.fx.. Possible? was created by Vidrax
Day, I was wondering if would be possible to port an emulator, snes as for example, into a fx shader to be loaded in reshade overlay as the emulator itself using any ordinary program as base?
Another possibility I was wondering about wiibrew channels more specifically...
I know dolphin is able to easy run *.wad roms, I assume that the code may not be as complicated to the point it needs to be absolutely anchored to dolphin at all times. Proof of this is how Image states can do load long if not whole games using only the rom and the image itself.

I'm used to dolphin emulation of wiibrew channels such as (snes emulators/nes emulators/PSX emulators)
Indifferently once loaded they seem to work apart from dolphin as base, they do use scaling filters and post processing shaders dolphin has to offer, still they accept any shader, leading to the conclusion that dolphin is only required as the injector for the already loaded channels.
If true, I was wondering couldn't Reshade itself inject a "pseudo dolphin instruction" without caring of any interface, only to set the wiibrew emulator?

Main point is, emulators do filter 16bits a lot even with no filters.
The poorest the emulator process would start, as long as the reshade shader could be used over as on any ordinary emulator would.
It would save a ton of resources, mostly re-filtering to correct only to re-filter those wads/roms.
As for snes emulators there are plenty, still not clear.
Wiibrew emulators use basic language, what I do not know, is how much they "really" need "to be dolphin" once they are loaded.

I'll be linking a few video samples of the finishing process.
Also a *c.rar with most common wiibrew emulators,

Here's the link for both the last wiibrew channel for Game Boy Advance (MGBA)
Also the source of this version,

Here's the latest version of Ishiruka Dolphin ( a fork of dolphin designed to over abuse shaders and scaling filters),
Also important to Highlight:
"*.wad" is a native format on any dolphin, not sure how it works, but is reliable since ever, meaning that any tittle within the "Virtual Console" is loaded within dolphin and directly emulated on it, I suspect dolphin only launches the code for a pre-build simple emulator it may have, and is using it's own resources, not implying that it must be dolphin running the emulation itself...

If nothing else, it would be so amazing if a fork of reshade or as a fx could emulate, for me at least snes, still the wad format of virtual console covers most of everything within retro... For those days or hours, just hit and run...
And make old console emulation a common thing on reshade.
Goes without saying it would expand the community, for as raw the emulation the better, for retro coms.

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