Fix BasicMotionBlur (Pseudo Motion Blur) shader to use scaled depth parameters

2 years 1 week ago - 2 years 1 week ago #1 by sheno1346
BlueSkyDefender's BasicMotionBlur looks great, but it is a bit older and does not use the settings in global preprocessor definitions (I prefer it to his newer eMotionBlur shader, looks better imo), and it doesn't provide any built in depth map resizing options, so there is no way to resize a badly scaled depth buffer for it.

Could someone fix this so that it does?

Here is what happens with it right now. In Vanquish, I had to rescale the depth buffer using global preprocessor definitions because it compresses into the top left for some reason, but the shader does not use the fixed depth scale values so it is stuck in the top left.

Shader Download:

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