Cheap blur for transparency effects/objects not in depth buffer

2 years 1 week ago #1 by sheno1346
Would like to request a motion blur effect for items not in the depth buffer/that excludes the depth buffer.

For example, in this game you can see how all the things like the energy, particles, etc are not shown in the depth buffer. Those are the things I want to have motion blurred, as they appear to be too sharp and they would do good with some motion blur. Maybe with some kind of combination of trails and a type of gaussian blur that applies on top of the trails, that way static things like UI won't get blurred and the transparencies won't have the typical drunk trails look, but a smoothed over blurred look.
Don't want anything inside of the depth buffer (in other words, 3D objects) blurred.

Depth Buffer:

Normal (notice all the effects now present):

Depth Buffer:


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