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Skyrim SE modular effects library was created by jas01
1. As you may know, Marty / Pascal Gilcher is working on the Screen-Space Ray Traced Global Illumination effect, currently in beta. It could be made available for free to ReShade users.
Is it possible that when it is free someone could be interested in its implementation in its for enb? In the past, Pascal made a special port of his MXAO shader for enb (got it working for enb using enb's custom DOF file), and although it was not perfect, it caused less problems than using ReShade alone for its application. I think it may also work with RTGI in a similar way. You can definitely avoid this effect from penetrating UI elements and its penetration with the DOF effect itself contained in enb (whose counterpart from ReShade causes some problems). Perhaps someone could be able to find a solution for its problems through the usage of enb weathers system (perhaps it would be helpful to use separate, weaker settings and a shorter draw range for foggy and rainy weathers & sunrise and sunset). The Adaptive Fog effect applied could also be helpful here - maybe their combination would work better. Maybe Pascal or someone else in the ReShade community could port these?
In my opinion, RTGI could outperform SSAOIL in some ways and could be used to replace it (or at least add a bit more light and color bouncing to it). If only it could use all the info that enb has... I would be very thankful (me and probably also other nexus users) if somebody could consider doing a port of it in the near or "FURTHER" future. The topic of RT is very popular right now and our rigs are becoming much stronger (being able to handle such effects). The creator of enb, unfortunately, has a negative attitude towards Pascal (for no logical reason, he is known for his strange "moods" and being rude anyway) and the idea of using RTGI in enb, unfortunately.

2. One more thing about the shaders / my requests. Back in LE you made a mod called Modular Effects Library for Skyrim. Maybe someone could create a similar project for Skyrim SE in the future. Many enb users and custom preset creators have no clue about editing /adding new shaders, so your help would really benefit us all, I think.

Here are my suggestions (effects & their loading order):
- Tridither. It's quite good, if I'm right most enb's are using the older, more basic version of it.
- Deband.fx - It can do wonders to the sky. I think enb doesn't have a similar shader for solving this issue besides basic dither shader. It's the same thing you would use to remove branding artifacts for a custom video/while watching a movie using more advanced modern video players
- Depth Based SMAA shader.
- NFAA. A modded port of Normal Filter Anti Aliasing. Very interesting. Use this one to assist SMAA or base Skyrim's / enb's AA to remove even more jagged edges without blurring the screen. Performance friendly, in my tests it could somehow smooth out the image when it's in motion (works best with other AA methods)
- Contrast Adaptive Sharpen Based on Depth - This effect is just newer than our basic Lumasharpen. Works very well, creates smaller artifacts around the models. You can see it as a small update for the base CAS shader.
- Deblur.fx - I really like this one. Doesn't cause any halos around the objects, works very fast, doesn't look too agressive. Best to be used with other Sharpening effects (CAS for example).
-4k Lut.fx or Multilut.fx - For people experienced with image grading. A simple way to make your own quick fixes to the game.
- Lightroom (by Pascal Gilcher). Very useful shader.
- Diffuse Glow. Totally optional.
- Clarity.fx - The newest version of it. It's not for free yet, but will be (after some time). A nice way to enhance your image. Should be released in this place when finished:
- RTGI. When it becomes free & more FPS friendly.
- Adaptive Fog. Could be updated, so it wouldn't affect the sky tho (it's possible).
- DOF by Pascal Gilcher
- Magic bloom or Pirate bloom (my own favorited one)

I know you can just use ReShade, but personally I'd rather stick to the enb only option. This way it would not affect the appearance of UI elements (no bleeding, no blurred fonts, all colors as they should be) or enb shaders (DOF shader interactions) and save us some effects loading speed. As I said it would work best for the community as well.

I really hope someone could give it a try in the future.
I would love to learn how to do it myself, but sadly I can't use my computer too much right now due to my physical health issues.

Sorry for my language being so imperfect.. I did my best.

With kind regards,

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