Cooperation between ReshadeVR and OpenXR Toolkit?

1 month 4 weeks ago #1 by YoYo
I use Rreshade (SteamVR version) since the beginning (VRtoolkit):

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Last time I did tests of forced OpenXR (with switcher) for SteamVR products and it was WOW for me!
Performace is greater with OpenXR in VR and I advice to check it.

BUT, I prefer settings from Reshade, especially sharpness option (looks better than in OpenXR Toolkit.
Is it any chance for overlay of ReshadeVR for OpenXR Toolkit (like for DCS or MSFS simulator?), without SteamVR version?
Pretty please think about it. The performance with OpenXR is better than with SteamVR but Reshade gives more settings for custmer in VR.
Pls  !
btw. Topic about OpenXR for DCS (native SteamVR product), many happy people are here :):


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