Compile Error: MasterEffect / Watch Dogs / Vlidus

7 years 5 months ago - 7 years 5 months ago #1 by jmp909

i tried to run this preset (I'm not sure if Vlidus is one of you sorry)

I was wondering if anyone could help, please whilst i wait to see if Vlidus returns

it threw a couple of compile errors on any version of reshade I tried it on
Loading effect from "S:\Games\UPlay\Watch_Dogs\bin\ReShade.fx" ...
09/03/2015 04:28:26,726 [8868] | ERROR | Failed to compile effect on context 0000000017299F90:
S:\Games\UPlay\Watch_Dogs\bin\ReShade.fx(1196, 23): error X3004: undeclared identifier 'LumCoeff'
S:\Games\UPlay\Watch_Dogs\bin\ReShade.fx(1196, 6): warning X5000: global variables are considered 'uniform' by default

Now his actual zip on mega that he links off the comments works on it's own fine (Vlidus Reshade MasterEffects v1.3.rar), but that uses a Sweet.f xfile that includes a Reshade.fx file, whereas the preset on that page seems to combine both sweetfx settings and shader code

but if I rename the preset as Reshade.fx and run it with various versions of Reshade64.dll as dxgi.dll, I get the error abiove.

I've looked at the shader code (which I don't understand too much but it seems mainly to have the same structure as some of the default ME code

#define AUTHOR MartyMcFly
static const  float3 LumCoeff = float3(0.212656, 0.715158, 0.072186);

and some of the priors references to LumCoeff (not lumCoeff) further up the code don't fail but this does
// -- Calculate Luma and Chroma if needed --
#if Curves_mode != 2
  //calculate luma (grey)
 float luma = dot(LumCoeff, colorInput.rgb);

thanks for any advice. It looks like quite a nice preset.

(I'm on Windows 8.1 64-bit , MSI GTX 980)
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