CinematicDOF won't focus

1 year 11 months ago #1 by Cecie
CinematicDOF won't focus was created by Cecie
Hey guys!
Downloaded ReShade for the first time (yesterday) and got it working with an online game called StarStable. Some of my friends use it too, and neither of them have any problem with it.

In my case However, lots of shaders won't work correctly. I'm mainly trying to use CinematicDOF and AdaptiveFog. Got it working for a minute or two yesterday, but the shaders went invisible for a while (only cin. and fog, others like clarity etc have been working correctly all the time) and they haven't worked at all ever since.

Fog just dissapears.
CinematicDOF dissapears while using autofocus (nothing is blurred), but once I don't use autofocus everything is blurry instead. Doesn't Focus when I change the settings under "Focusing"? Have tried for hours but I'm giving up...

Can someone Please help me?

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