Ambient Light shader: alThreshold property doesn't work

1 year 10 months ago #1 by Lightboom
Link to shader in question:

Good day. I'm using an Ambient Light shader, but one of the properties that's supposed to control how bright sources that emit ambient light have to be doesn't work (or rather, changing it doesn't change anything).
I'm not good with shaders myself but, I think that there might be problems in lines like this (there're 2 lines where this property is used):

hgb = float4(max(hgb.rgb - alThreshold, 0.0), hgb.a);

So, color floats are between 0 and 1, right? So subtracting anything greater then 1 hardly makes sense unless you want to get weird results. And especially here, as it's just always return float4(0, hgb.a). Or so I think.

Anyway, I would be grateful if someone can fix it.
Just in case, if the problem is in the game - I'm using it with The Outer Worlds.

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